The Masonic Home Of Virginia



The Virginia Widows Sons largest charity starts with our own Brothers. Each of our chapters throughout the Commonwealth adopt as Brother and his wife which we visit and make them a part of our family. There is a Widows Sons Chapter located at Mahova and their President is Leon Headley (President). This is not an active motorcycle chapter but their support is priceless. Situated on ninety pristine acres just outside the city limits of Richmond , Virginia, is a gated community of active residents who are served by a caring staff of dedicated professionals.  Imagine living in a place where your children, friends and relatives all know that you are safe and enjoying a quality of life that is treasured by all.

The primary mission of the Home is to embody the Masonic principle of care for others.  Masons obligate themselves to constantly care for others.  For that purpose, members of the Masonic Fraternity founded this community of care in 1890 and continue to support it through their financial gifts and with their volunteer efforts. Therefore, we are a community with Masonic ties… Freemasonry has for centuries taught men, like fourteen United States presidents, to care for others.  Imagine living in a neighborhood where you know you share basic and fundamental views of life with your neighbors.

In our unique community, traditions continue through the basic Masonic principles of love and care of family, neighbor, God and Country, these are the keystones of the Masonic Home of Virginia.  This is the ONLY Masonic-related continuing care retirement community in Virginia and one of the few of its kind in America . Therefore, we welcome any Virginia Mason age sixty-five (65) or older, or his wife or widow who has reached the age of sixty-two (62).  For Masons living in Virginia who have been in the Fraternity for ten years and who may not be a member of a Virginia Lodge, simply affiliating with a Virginia Lodge will enable you to apply for residency in our Home.  Of course, as a facility licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, applicants must meet certain health and medical guidelines.

For those Needing Financial Assistance,  The Cornerstone Program

Our fee structure is very reasonable and usually below that of comparable communities.  However, in order to ensure that every eligible Virginia Mason and his wife or widow can join our caring community, regardless of their financial circumstances, the Cornerstone Program is available to fulfill the Masonic tradition of providing relief to others. This program ensures LIFE CARE for residents, including food, housing, medical and otherwise, for LIFE. The Cornerstone Program is made possible through the tax-deductible gifts received from Virginia Mason's, their friends and family. For this reason, participants in this particular program must have been members of a Virginia Lodge for at least five years.

The Masonic Village

Another vital element of our community is the Masonic Village. Here, forty-five (45) attractive cottages await a Mason, his wife or widow.  In exchange for an entrance fee and a monthly maintenance fee, Villagers receive care for their cottage, both inside and out, join friends at a daily meal in the Home’s dining room and participate in other community activities. Each cottage is designed to meet the needs of active community members.  Fully equipped kitchens, two bedrooms, sunrooms where available and a well-manicured yard await each Villager.  Because of this independent lifestyle, Village applicants who otherwise meet the Masonic membership criteria can be as young as sixty (60) years of age.

A floor plan is available HERE.


Further details, including our full Rules of Admission and other disclosures are available upon request.  A video, in VHS or DVD format is also available for applicants, their friends and family to review at their leisure.  Informational tours, guided by community residents, are available upon request.

Our fees are very competitive and are an extremely reasonable exchange for the life that awaits applicants at the Masonic Home.

Call today, for a chance to come HomeHome to a caring, supportive community of Masonic friends.

Call toll-free, 1-800-262-4644, extension 77295.