Virginia Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association

VAWSMRA Virginia Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association

VAWSMRA Charities

Supporting our Widows and Orphans

One of our biggest charities is our dedication and love to the Virginia Masonic Home (MaHoVA). Each year we raise money for the home and residents who live at the home. Our chapters adopt their residents and look out for them by visiting and ensuring they know we care about them greatly.

Masonic Home of Virginia

The Masonic Home of Virginia (MaHoVA)is known as the Crown Jewel of Masonry. The primary mission of the Home is to embody the Masonic principle of care for others. Masons obligate themselves to constantly care for others. For that purpose, members of the Masonic Fraternity founded this community of care in 1890 and continue to support it through their financial gifts and with their volunteer efforts.

Visit our Masonic Home of Virginia site at

Shriner Hospitals

There is a large portion of our members that belong to many charities throughout Virginia. Supporting the Shriners has been a long tradition as over 80% of our members are Shriners. The motorcycle communities have a great tradition in riding for good causes like helping kids with medical needs.

Visit the Shriners Hospitals to support a great cause at

Virginia Law Enforcement

We have a long history of helping support our community volunteers in response teams regarding emergency (fire and Rescue) and local and state law enforcement.